Postpartum Recovery Belly Wrap


The purpose of Postpartum abdominal binding is to help your body heal and recover after birth from the inside out. During pregnancy your body goes through many changes. Organs and muscles shift and move, your skin and uterus grow and stretch to a much larger size. During this process in pregnancy about 1 in 3 women experience the separation of their “Rectus Abdominis Muscles” (these are the muscles that stretch from your navel to your pubic bone). These muscles stretch to allow more room for your growing baby and will also be separated during a C-Section to open the abdominal wall to reveal your uterus during birth. ⠀⠀
The Separation seldom heals on its own and could lead to Diastasis Recti (permanent separation of the Rectus Abdominis muscles). The main purpose of the Maternity Mommy Belly Wrap is to help guide these muscles back together and to encourage reattachment while gently pushing the stretched skin back against the underlining tissue. The Belly Wrap helps to form a superficial wall to push your organs back inside the abdominal cavity while you're muscles strengthen and recover It also helps encourage better posture, while giving support for your back during nursing postpartum.⠀

A Belly Wrap can also help if you’re recovering from a C-section or natural birth. It helps your abdominal muscles return to their previous positions, as well as speed up recovery time and reduce localised swelling around the abdomen.


  • Helps straighten and strengthen your spine, improving your posture.
  • Helps flattens your belly after giving birth
  • Helpful in kick-starting your weight loss process & tightening muscles. 
  • Get your pre-tummy back
  • Enhances circulation and healing during your postpartum recovery
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Aids in C-section recovery, Helps reduce pain and discomfort.  
  • Supports your back and pelvis
  • Improves your functional ability
  • Comfortable and adjustable


    • Be sure to include your Belly Wrap in your hospital bag. 
    • Once you have delivered your baby (vaginal or c-section), use your Belly Wrap on Day 2 post-birth
    • Wrap your belly DURING THE DAY for a minimum of 6weeks - 8weeks.     DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR BELLY WRAP.
    Enjoy its incredible benefits and we cannot wait to hear your amazing review